Volunteerism: Why Youth Should Actively Engage?

ដោយ Sochea Sar | Aug,01,2021

“We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future"

    -Franklin D.Roosevelt, 32nd U.S President


Regardless of how technology has become intrinsically advanced in our everyday lives, the social problems still remain the most acute issue that we need someone to tackle and that “someone” is the youth. Youth is the backbone of society and their exposure to volunteerism can display a radical change and undeniable impact for their community vitality.

How can they volunteer to help?

Needless to say, the Covid-19 pandemic; the adversity of social problems are widespread at its finest in every sector from the realm of healthcare to education. Volunteering models can be exhibited in various forms, namely, fundraising, promoting health equity, raising environmental awareness, or even participating in social campaigns. 

Owing to the potential of volunteerism and progressive rise of volunteering opportunities, however, there are only 600 million youth worldwide who have actively volunteered; not even 40% of the total population according to unv.org

Hence, if you’re a newcomer, these are the benefits that you need to know when engaging in volunteerism. 

  • Helps To Widen Your Social Circle

Volunteerism is a symbol of solidarity; it offers the spacious platform to broaden your horizons to meet and connect with new people who have philanthropic perspectives as yours which is a good start for young people to overcome the barrier of insecurity and expand their support network. 

  • Helps To Improve Self-Esteem

With civic engagement and a viable mechanism, volunteering in something worthwhile and significant for the community needs will reward you with a greater sense of accomplishment and productivity. Feeling that sense may help you to feel more self-assured and better about yourself. 

  • Helps To Find Your Interest

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”- Gandhi. Young people oftentimes struggle to live in the uncertainty of their interests; Volunteerism provides you with a variety of tangible and intangible works that you can choose to try and it potentially will help you to identify your well-matched goals and interests. 

  • Helps To Shine Your Resume

Nobody in society is willing to offer you something if you don’t have something to offer society. Along with acquiring skills and hands-on experience through volunteerism will showcase your competency and work ethic in addition to your social skills and caring personality, it might perhaps highlight you as the standout in the stiff competition for jobs or scholarships. 

Fun Fact:  Around 40% of young volunteers are inclined to volunteer because their friends suggested this idea and that “friend” could be you. With aforementioned benefits for individuals and community, this is an appropriate time to suggest them.

Speaking of suggestions, Tech For Kids Academy has officially announced the volunteer recruitment for our newly-initiated social campaign, Computer of Change. For more information, visit this link

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