Computer of Change

The computer of change campaign has been initiated by Tech for Kids academy in a purpose to collect and donate laptop or even desktop to students who struggle to afford it. The computer of change campaign is created for changes, we have a vision that this social campaign will be a huge part to help students who are struggle and their family could not afford a learning material for their child. What we provide to students who are in need is more than just a computer, we also include many learning resources that are beneficial for them to learn. Especially, we hope to see changes in students life and this campaign will continue to make bigger and bigger impact in our society.


Career Choices

Career Choices

Bridge younger generations to the knowledge of new, in demand and specific career field

Career Building

Career Building

Prepare students to ready to apply for their dream jobs

Learning Materials

Learning Materials

Laptop or computer comes with many learning resources for students to explore and study from

Additional Skills

Additional Skills

Students can learn additional skills such as coding or any tech related skills

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brought by

brought by

Tech for Kids Academy

Tech for Kids Academy is a visionary tech and education startup company that aims to shorten the path of learning and make an impact on the young generation in a way that it has never done

Mengly J. Quach Foundation

Mengly J. Quach Foundation is committed to improving the life and well-being of the most vulnerable population through the provision of basic necessities (health, education, etc.). We have been expanding our area of focus and work by encouraging and inspiring our youth’s talent, innovation, creativity, self-dependence and pragmatism in many ways possible.


CamSolution is a professional software development company joined by the most talented team who are really passionate about what they have been doing and offer professional IT solutions expertise to help our customer grow.


We are a mobile delivery service that allows people the convenience to book their deliveries using technology. Within a mobile platform, people be able to track the delivery and communicate with the company easily and quickly.

PAPA Deliver

To empower small and medium-sized delivery companies who need the innovation platform to attract more customers and combine with the operating management information system to manage their business efficiently and effectively. To reduce the cost of delivery and help people the convenience to find the right delivery company. To develop delivery and logistic industry via technologies.


To impact positive changes through knowledge co-creation and multi-stakeholder partnerships To build peaceful, inclusive, adapting resilient and sustainable societies in Asia To promote Asian wisdom and perspective and the values of humanity, peace, and cultural diversity in Asia.


We embark on a mission to provide creative and strategically effective digital marketing solutions and produce the best quality contents for the education-entertainment purposes with a vision to become the most influential digital multimedia network in Cambodia.

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