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Like many other living beings, bees existed for a reason - or you can say many reasons. Those significant importance make this pollinator very well known for its reputation among many areas ranging from environment, medical, household usage, economy, to food chains and much more.

A pioneering project aims to stamp out educational inequality by providing laptops to poor students as Cambodia embraces the Industry 4.0 digital revolution.

From household supplies to customer service, Plastic Consumption has been integral to our daily occurrence; however, we as consumers somehow find it extremely difficult and perplexing to identify which types of plastic should be recycled, reused, or avoided. In regards to your concern, this is definitely you should read for today.

There is a concept that states, “It is not a waste until it is wasted.” On daily basis, people dispose functional items, ranging from daily necessities (food, water, furniture…) to leisure items (toys, fashions, phone…), which can be beneficially utilized by other people in needs; some people in the society make livings out of ‘trash’ that we no longer see value in.

Noise pollution is the 2nd largest environmental cause of global health problems. This is an underrated and inattentive sort of pollution that nobody commonly puts it on the pedestal when it comes to the world’s pollution while its adversity is boundlessly contagious in every aspect of our daily occurrence. These are some facts unraveled by scientists that would potentially shift the direction of what you think about Noise Pollution.

What does failure feel like to you? Does failing mean your world stop spinning? People have different reactions towards failure; we cope with it differently. This short article will illustrate to audience a glimpse of perspective from the writer's point of view + personal anecdote regarding failure.

Regardless of how technology has become intrinsically advanced in our everyday lives, the social problems still remain the most acute issue that we need someone to tackle and that “someone” is the youth. Youth is the backbone of society and their exposure to volunteerism can display a radical change and undeniable impact for their community vitality. Here are some benefits that can be found in volunteerism.

As the virus continues to spread and lockdowns keep on reoccurring during this pandemic crisis, remote learning is here to stay. Unfortunately, poverty has become the obstructing wall between students and education, and the rope that tied them from continuing their educational journey.

With this year's initiative, Tech for Kids Breakthrough has successfully guided 6 Cambodian students to produce a 3-minute video explaining the scientific theory in the most imaginative and inspiring way that they can. Owing to that, take a look at what's behind that 180-second journey.

A kid’s hackathon is a one-day social coding event, organised to enable students to engage in STEM education and use their knowledge to solve actual problems in their modern society. The goal of this event is to encourage more kids participation in the technological field, especially enhancing their development in critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork.

Whenever we have a leftover, it goes straight into the bin. However, there is no such thing as ‘away’; when we throw anything away, it must end up somewhere: the landfill. According to theworldcounts, more than 2 billion tonnes of waste are being discarded annually; more than 55% of the total municipal solid waste comes from households and 31.9% of that is food waste.

Father’s Day is a recognition of a father's contribution and their importance in our life—at the end of the day, some superheroes don’t wear capes. Father is a special man in our life; he is someone that is there to help the kids grow, to nurture and protect them in a world of unpredictable storms. In celebration of Father’s Day, one way to engage and bond with your younger ones would be through science and technology.

Among all the submitted teams, only 10 teams are shortlisted for Nation Pitch 2021. All finalists will receive a portion of the 5,000,000៛. The cash and prizes are intended to help further fund their education in STEM and/or assist teams in bringing their product to market. The Winner Teams of Technovation Cambodia 2021 are....

Battle of Mind (សង្វៀនគំនិត) is a novel debate competition and educational reality show that allows 24 Cambodian high-school students (of grade 10 and 11) to learn, practice and unleash their potential in various fields: debating and speech construction; data research and analysis; exploring the subjects of science and technology with hand-on experiences. "How has the Battle of Mind helped build candidate's potential?"

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