Facts About Noise Pollution: The Invisible Killer

by Sochea Sar | Aug,30,2021

Noise Pollution is the 2nd largest environmental cause of global health problems.

-World Health Organization, WHO


Noise pollution is the 2nd largest environmental cause of global health problems, coming right after the horrendous impact of the eldest one, air pollution. This is an underrated and inattentive sort of pollution that nobody commonly puts it on the pedestal when it comes to the world’s pollution while its adversity is boundlessly contagious in every aspect of our daily occurrence.

Here are some facts unraveled by scientists that would potentially shift the direction of what you think about Noise Pollution. 


Fact #1:  Every sound that reaches 85 decibels is considered as Noise Pollution.

A sound’s loudness is measured in decibels from a scale of 0 to 130 but, to gradually deteriorate our hearing system, the sound sources must exceed the threshold (85 dB) and these are coming from the roaring traffic (90 to 95 dB), factory or construction site (100-115 dB), your neighbor’s karaoke contest (120-129 dB) and considerably more.


Fact #2: Noise Pollution is a major threat in developed countries.

Bustling streets, densely populated cities, deafening noise from subway or supersonic aircrafts...these are the mundane things in developed countries however, having a prolonged exposure to these noises on a regular basis, there is a high probability of risking the irreversible Hearing Loss.

Hearing Loss or Noise Induced Hearing Loss is the second most prevalent health issue globally accumulating over 430 million adults to suffer from it and a staggering 1 over 4 Americans are reportedly caused by noise.

Not to mention, according to EEA, Noise Pollution can also lead to cardiovascular and metabolic disorder as well contributing 12,000 premature deaths and 48,000 new cases of ischemic heart disease annually in European territory, 22 millions to endure chronic annoyance, and 6.5 millions to have chronic sleep deprivation.


Fact #3: Noise Pollution can reduce child’s cognitive performance

A prospective study by Psychological Science Journal on children living close to Munich Airport in Germany for 24 months have shown us that chronic exposure to high-intensity sound can conduct the impairment of children’s long term memory, reading and speech perception, and emotional instability as a consequence of excessive disturbance coming from noise-impacted environment.

There is no such thing as “unresolved”. If this is a man-made problem, it must come with a man-made solution. “The first step toward change is Awareness, the second step is Acceptance”- Nataniel Braden. 

Tech for Kids Academy is just here to spread awareness, but the rest is yours to be considered.

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