The Importance of Bees

by Bormey Chanchem | Aug,19,2022

The bee is more honored than other animals, not because she labors, but because she labors for others. And others leave a sting.

Like many other living beings, bees existed for a reason - or you can say many reasons. Those significant importance make this pollinator very well known for its reputation among many areas ranging from environment, medical, household usage, economy, to food chains and much more. 


Help with environment

This incredibly useful pollinator plays a big helping hands in our nature, from helping trees, plants, and flowers, grow by acting as a transporter that carries pollen of the flowers to its stigma or another flowers that are located in long distance. This process is called pollination, which is how plants grow from generations to another.

​​Bees contribute to complex, interconnected ecosystems that allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist. Not only that bee provides many benefits for humans and plants, animals also enjoy the sweet taste of honey that bees produce such as skunk, raccoon, possum, bear, honey badger, and birds.


Usage in everyday life

Without going bad or rotten, honey is commonly being stored in room temperature on kitchen cabinets, it is being used in the kitchen as a sweetener to make dessert, sweet drinks, making many varieties of dishes, for hundreds of years. And throughout many generations, our ancestors use honey to aid in health issues like diarrhea, cough, heal wounds, irritations, to fight bacteria. It is also being use alongside modern medicine and healthcare supplements.

Honey and wax that bee produce are also popular among cosmetic and skincare industry. Ranging from face masks, hand cream, shampoo, lotion, eye cream, lipsticks, honey and wax are combined with vitamins and other useful ingredients to make such incredible and convenience products. Honey is being studied and is found to have many usages and benefits, which are:

  • Balance the bacteria on your skin
  • Speed up skin cell's healing process
  • Help ease irritation and acne
  • Store and maintain moisturizer
  • Increase the brightness of skin 
  • Use as a skin-conditioning agent
  • Protect body from inflammation
  • Anti-aging and stop wrinkles from forming


Help with the economy 

Bee also helps with the economy by contributing to the global food supply, as they are major pollinators, helping crops grow including fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, in many areas of the agriculture. Humans, with the help of machinery, harvest, export, and distribute it to the market around the globe serving human needs. 

Not only that, this creates jobs like as farmer, transporter, vendor, and such. It helps generates revenue to the economy as well as supporting the family’s finance. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating over 100 commercial crops in North America. Both honey bees and wild bees are also economically important for sunflower seed production, which is an uprising industry estimated at approximately USD 10.4 million annually.

Overall, bees play a big role in our earth’s ecosystem, which promote the growth of life as well as supporting it simultaneously. Without them, our planet would not be green and life would be scarce.



Bee’s importance in food chains 

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