Kid-KATHON (Kid + HACKATHON) is a 1 and half day sprint-like event for students who are 12-15 years old initiated by Tech for Kids Academy with exclusive sponsor from Smart Axiata under the purpose of encouraging students’ participation in solving existing global and local issues through technology. The goal is not to establish a perfectly coded or professionally developed product and service, but rather for them to come up with an implementable solution to tackle the issued-theme. At Kid-KATHON, kids come here to learn, think outside the box, initiate, and implement. The topic theme will be chosen under the framework of UN SDG and relevant topics under Cambodia’s SDG are also highly encouraged to choose from. The objective is to provide passionate children with the opportunity to collaborate, think critically, perform under pressure and to be aware of the world’s existing problems. In addition, the event also aims to serve as a platform for kids to express their passion through technology, innovation, and establish a debugging mindset.


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